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All parents know how precious their children are to them.


At Yorkshire Blinds & Curtains we too believe that ALL children should be protected against the dangers of blind cords and loops. Only recently we were made aware by the local media of the sad death of a young Huddersfield toddler who became tangled in blind cords.


With the help of local people and companies like ours we can all become much more aware of the dangers to avoid. Just by adding a simple cord safety device to all blinds can make the difference between life or death for a youngster.


At a cost of less than 50 pence each, you can protect your child against any danger of strangulation by getting caught in blind cords.


Here at Yorkshire Blinds & Curtains we are always willing to give advice and to install any device of your choice to make your home a safe place for young children, whilst still enjoying the benefit of having blinds installed.


Contact us on 01924 501042 if you would like any further free advice or to arrange for us to call and see you to undertake a simple safety check totally free of charge to see if your blinds are safe.


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Child Safety


We are members of the BBSA "make it safe campaign"

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